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Saman. 19. These are things that I find beauty in. Plus some other things. Like fangirl things.

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Would you rather be hurt by someone who you trust the most or someone you love the most?


The person I love the most is the person I trust the most.

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The Girl Who Wont Wipe That Smile Off :): Dua For Students ->>


I know it is time for finals, and everyone is stressing, including myself. I put together a few Dua’s that students should say. Remember, Dua alone will not help you succeed. You have to do your part, and God will do his. Use your brain to study, while you use your heart to pray.

Also, it is…

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My Favorite Scene In The Movie. :3

My Favorite Scene In The Movie. :3

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Bollywood Recap: Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham


Meet Bollymom: she prays, loves bling, and has a telepathic connection with her son

Enter Rahul: suave, rich, rides a helicopter to his own home

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Did you find out the answer to that riddle?


yes. the person who is my favorite told me.

You are my favorite lifethroughtheeyesofsaman.


awh. if only i knew who you were, you might be my favorite too, anon. but if you’re not…then you’re not.

I have a riddle for you. Kaun hai jo mann aur dil main hai par dhadkan main nahi hai?



Can I really ask you ANYTHING? or is it just false advertising?


anything you want.